make SPA easier

Simple work flow make your business more professional and more efficient.

Stay efficient with Apponda scheduling

Provide a convenient booking experience beyond imagination. With Apponda scheduling system, you can share realtime availability with clients online.

Communicate with your heart

Understand your customers, know what they really need, whether the services you provide fufill their needs, and which part needs to be improved.

Minimize the effort for your customer to love your business

With few clicks and tap they can schedule their appointment. It is much easier than you choose an item from Amazon website.

Manage employee payroll

Significantly reduce accounting workload and make all accounts clear at a glance. Clear and accurate, real-time monitoring.

The backbone of your online business

Provide real-time inventory data to build a solid foundation for online physical stores.

Give new service more chance to present

Give some bondle instead of present it along, make them famous by combine them to existing hot review services, discover the next hot service.

Few click to manage the complex schedule

Make the most arrangement very easy to achieve. You can manage your employees schedule in minutes. Extremely suitable for flexible status.

Enable your customers to book

When your application is running in the background, spend more time to service your customers. Forget about pending appointments and the hassle of running back and forth when the phone rang.

Personalize your virtual spa

Create a customized booking page that showcases your services.

Who can resist when they see everything in the store at the time of booking? Provide your customers with an enhanced booking experience and make it easier for them to treat themselves.


Automate your admin

You will no longer spend too much time on paperwork like polishing, exfoliating and packaging. When your customers make an appointment, you will all receive an automatic appointment confirmation.

Share your spa online booking page

Customize your booking page to show your spa services and available appointment slots.

Customers can book a time that suits both of you.


Book from your website

You can add a reservation button to your website in just a few simple steps.

Turn your website traffic into new customers by making it easy for them to book.