make massage therapy easier

Employees receive message notifications to improve work efficiency.

Enjoy the luxury of massage online booking

Focus on treating your customers while your massage therapy software automates appointment-booking.

Communicate with client heart

Understand your customers, know what they really need, whether the services you provide fufill their needs, and which part needs to be improved.

Book from the most powerful search engine

Book from Goolge maps. Or from our customize building website for your business.

Manage employee payroll

Significantly reduce accounting workload and make all accounts clear at a glance. Clear and accurate, real-time monitoring.

The backbone of your online business

Provide real-time inventory data to build a solid foundation for online physical stores.

calendarCreate Unique service bondle for your target customer

Customize your combination to fulfill the majority of your current customers. Give them the best user experience.

Few click to manage the complex schedule

Make the most arrangement very easy to achieve. You can manage your employees schedule in minutes. Extremely suitable for flexible status.


Maintain high hygiene standards

Implement a buffer period for cleaning between appointments.

Blocking the time in your calendar to ensure that you can disinfect your massage table and space before the next booking.

payment securely online

Accept customer payment immediately after booking. Connect your massage therapy planning software to make contactless card payments from your booking page. Convenient for you and your customers.

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Set up multiple staff calendars

Enable your team to manage its own calendar. Each massage therapist can share their own personal booking page and simplify the schedule for their loyal customers. When making an appointment, rescheduling or canceling an appointment, the service provider will be notified in real time.

Showcase your full service menu

Display your range of services and availability on your customizable online Booking Page.

Allow your customers to pick and pay for their treatments in minutes.


Turn browsing into your bookings

Add a booking button to your massage business’ website and watch your traffic become new clients.

Your Booking Page integrates with WordPress, Wix and more.