Online doctor appointment scheduling

Improve efficiency and make patients the core of your practice.

Ease scheduling pains with a doctor booking app.

Empower your patients to book or reschedule appointments online 24/7. Reduce average booking time from 8+ minutes by phone* to just a few clicks. (*Accenture)

Automatically notify your customers through multiple channels

Push appointment reminders via email and SMS functions. Make sure that the customer does not miss any appointment. Maximize the use of resources.

Book from the most powerful search engine

Book from Goolge maps. Or from our customize building website for your business.

Manage employee payroll

Significantly reduce accounting workload and make all accounts clear at a glance. Clear and accurate, real-time monitoring.

Discover more business opportunities

Through the tracking of commodity liquidity, new business opportunities are discovered, which is convenient for merchants to clear inventory and discover potential hot products.

Give new service more chance to present

Give some bondle instead of present it along, make them famous by combine them to existing hot review services, discover the next hot service.

Few click to manage the complex schedule

Make the most arrangement very easy to achieve. You can manage your employees schedule in minutes. Extremely suitable for flexible status.


keep update patient information

Each time an appointment is made, the patient’s customer profile is automatically updated.

Collect accurate contact information and attach patient notes for quick access to appointments.

Receive medical expenses online

Minimize billing time and focus on providing excellent patient care.

Collect treatment fees from patients online and provide convenient contactless payment methods.


virtual medical consultation

Meet your patients online through telemedicine appointments.

Your online doctor appointment system provides additional privacy, enabling you to lock out video calls when discussing sensitive patient data.

Make an appointment from your website

Add the “Book Now” button to your clinic website. Enabling new and existing patients to self-book immediately without having to contact your office.

Connect with your own website.


Create a booking page for your clinic

Show your medical services online. Customize your booking page with your logo, contact information, reviews, etc.

Share the availability of experts and allow patients to confirm their appointments within minutes.

Set up automatic appointment confirmation

Take care of more patients, and Apponda automatically confirms reservations via email.

Use important pre-appointment information to personalize alerts so visitors can be prepared.