Online clinic scheduling software

Simple and safe appointment application to increase patient intake.

Keep update scheduling software.

Get instant notification when you make an appointment, reschedule or cancel an appointment. Your calendar can be synchronized on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Communicate with client heart

Understand your customers, know what they really need, whether the services you provide fufill their needs, and which part needs to be improved.

Book from the most powerful search engine

Book from Goolge maps. Or from our customize building website for your business.

Create a hot service

Based on intuitive visual data, understand your own strengths, create the next hot business category, and continue to expand the business category.

Discover more business opportunities

Through the tracking of commodity liquidity, new business opportunities are discovered, which is convenient for merchants to clear inventory and discover potential hot products.

Differentiate you most valuable customers

Let your customer feel that you care about them. Provide the unique bondle to appreciate their support. Strengthen your relationship, and get more referral.

Few click to manage the complex schedule

Make the most arrangement very easy to achieve. You can manage your employees schedule in minutes. Extremely suitable for flexible status.


customize patient reminders

Minimize patient absences and maximize revenue with automatic medical appointment reminders.

Let your medical appointment planning software send text and email alerts on your behalf. Save management time and stay efficient.

Quickly access patient data

Enable experts to attach notes to the patient’s profile. Store digital backups of health records and grant different access levels to different team members. Centralize contact details and treatment plans to simplify preparation for upcoming appointments.


Automate to release your team

Choose an online patient scheduling system to reduce manual processes and provide self-service appointments. Confirm appointments 24/7 and receive notifications of new appointments in real time.

Accept appointments from your website

Add a “Book Now” button to your website to allow visitors to schedule appointments without calling. Connect Apponda with your own website.


Brand your clinic's booking page

Increase trust in your online booking system through a personalized booking page.

Add your logo, custom terms and conditions, and employee profile.