make beauty salon easier

Simplify your scheduling and spend more time styling with customizable salon booking software.

expand your customer base with salon scheduling app

When your free salon appointment app updates your calendar, focus on caring for your customers. Book online and get instant updates on any device.

Automatically notify your customers through multiple channels

Push appointment reminders via email and SMS functions. Make sure that the customer does not miss any appointment. Maximize the use of resources.

Make your webstie feels fancy and technical

We knows what your customer’s want. Furthermore, we care about you and your customer’s feeling. They will feel as your feeling about your business, with fully proud and love.

Create a hot service

Based on intuitive visual data, understand your own strengths, create the next hot business category, and continue to expand the business category.

Discover more business opportunities

Through the tracking of commodity liquidity, new business opportunities are discovered, which is convenient for merchants to clear inventory and discover potential hot products.

Give new service more chance to present

Give some bondle instead of present it along, make them famous by combine them to existing hot review services, discover the next hot service.

Easier to use than big name calendar

The only thing you need to do just simple drag, type and tap. Apponda will take care of anything else.


more bookings, Less paperwork

When you make an appointment through your booking page, both you and your customer will receive an instant email confirmation.

Your salon appointment book application will also store customer details for each booking.

easy-to-edit by client

Your customers can click directly from their SMS to reschedule or cancel.

You will be notified immediately and the time slot will reappear on your booking page.


Fill out your calendar faster

Increase your hair and makeup consultations through the online salon reservation system.

Whether you run a salon, rent a booth, or show off your skills at a makeup counter, your customers will love this flexibility. Simply display your available time slots on your booking page, allowing customers to book at their convenience.

customize your booking page

Add your services, team members, availability, and prices to your booking page.

Then, share, share, share! Your customers pick and pay online without having to catch up with you between treatments.

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Book from your website

You can add a reservation button to your website in just a few simple steps.

Turn your website traffic into new customers by making it easy for them to book.