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For Medical Center, Apponda optimizes the services efficiently between staffs. From a single location to multiple organization, the secure cloud platform is transparent and controllable for management.


Apponda provides an AI appointment feature with optimal search function to present the data directly to the users between calendar and dashboard, and eliminate no show with a built in auto chatting and reminder functions.


Apponda calendar allows you to view the schedule of several service providers on one screen, automatically assign the staffs, change your schedule, and reschedule appointments anytime.


Push appointment reminders via email and SMS functions. Make sure that the customer does not miss any appointment. Maximize the use of resources.


Extremely simplified management process. Simply clicks and taps to complete daily management tasks, allowing you utlize more time to figure out the best alternative to your business.

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Personalize your bookingsite to your unique style with Apponda.

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By essentially giving a custom solution for each mobile platform, our responsive website design makes for a better user experience on a wider range of devices.

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Our creative and tech talent solve and build platforms that deliver interactive content. With creative ad campaigns and content marketing to promote and grow your brand.

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Garllery can allow customer to understand your company, and even to solve some problems that would require a call to your customer support hotline.

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We know your time is valuable and learning to use new software can be very frustrating, so we designed our software to be very simple and pretty self-explanatory for our users.

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理想的按摩美容沙龙软件应该是什么样? 如果你还在为  沙龙美容店的管理问题烦恼,那么千万别错过Apponda管理系统!它将帮助你降本增效,提高管理效率,为你的店铺创造更高的利润。快来了解一下吧!  

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